What is Hidden Hunger?

We are a for-profit company on a mission to save the lives of children.

What We Do

We sell micronutrients, water purification systems and treated mosquito nets, which are then donated to needy children around the world.

Who We Are

We are a socially conscious and experienced team leading a movement to lower childhood death rates and provide income opportunities for individuals and families.

How to Get Involved

As a member, you can do well, by doing good. You can be blessed while being a blessing to others. What could be better than that?

Become a Member

Join a team of individuals, families, and organizations who sell Child Saving Products and enroll other members who do the same. These Child Saving Products are provided on a daily basis to at-risk children through Child Feeding Organizations. It is free to be a member and spread the word.


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Purchase and sell child saving products and find others to do the same so that you can earn an income.


2 ways on how to get involved

Members of HHG must be 18 years of age or older.

What Others Are Saying

  • Hidden Hunger Global Makes it Happen

    “We are committed to bringing clean water to the world, but without dedicated partners like Hidden Hunger Global, its only a dream. Because of what you are doing - this dream is now a reality!”

    Don Johnson
    Filter of Hope
  • We Could Not Do What We Do Without You

    “We are incredibly thankful for your generosity in providing our homes and secondary school children with mosquito nets. These nets will drastically reduce the cases of malaria in our children. We could not do what we do without amazing people, like you, who come alongside us to help us fulfill our vision here in Uganda.”

    Dacia Hamby
    Arise Africa
  • Your Partnership is Making A Difference

    "Haiti is seriously affected by malaria and the provision of bed nets to children has been a priority for our organization. Your partnership and generosity is helping to make that a reality and together we will save many lives over the next 5 years (the anticipated lifespan of these nets)."

    Rachel Zelon
    Hunger Relief International
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Updates from Hidden Hunger Global

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Upcoming events

  • SUN

    VIP Impact Mentorship Calls - Join Silas King for our VIP Impact Mentorship Calls. This call is meant to INSPIRE, EDUCATE, MOTIVATE and EMPOWER you! But, most of all it will help you learn how to IMPACT your life while Impacting the lives of others.


    (605) 562-3140, Access Code: 685187#


    8:00PM (CST)

  • 1ST MON

    Corporate Vision Call - Led by HHG's Leadership Team, this call gives our Members an update on the latest information about HHG, our distributions and the next steps for our Members and our company. Members, don't miss this call!


    (605) 562-3140, Access Code: 643599#


    8:00PM (CST)

  • TUES

    HHG Opportunity Call - Have you ever wanted to truly make a difference? Find out how you can be a part of a movement that is saving lives and transforming families here at home. Join us by phone to hear about the incredible mission, vision and opportunity of Hidden Hunger Global.


    (605) 562-3140, Access Code: 643599#


    8:00PM (CST)


    HHG Opportunity Webinar - Have you ever wanted to truly make a difference? Find out how you can be a part of a movement that is saving lives and transforming families here at home. Join us by phone or watch online every Thursday night!


    (605) 562-3140, Access Code: 643599#


    8:00PM (CST)

  • SAT

    HHG Member Training Call - This call is an invaluable resource for HHG Members who are serious about growing their organization and saving children around the world. Led by Silas King, HHG's Director of Marketing, Sales & Training


    (605) 562-3140, Access Code: 643599#


    10:00AM (CST)